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Coimbra Free Walking Tour
Portugals First Capital City

Take Coimbra Free Walking Tour. Explore rich history, culture, and legends. Europe's oldest university. Vibrant city. Ideal for first-timers. Expert local guides. Journey through the historic and vibrant city of Coimbra with our comprehensive Coimbra Free Walking Tour. This walking tour is an ideal introduction for first-time visitors, offering a exploring the city's rich history, culture, and local legends. Coimbra is one of Portugal's most fascinating destinations. Known primarily for its prestigious university, one of the oldest in continuous operation in Europe, Coimbra offers a unique blend of ancient traditions, rich architectural heritage, and captivating local lore, including its own special variation of Fado music. This ancient city was once the capital of Portugal and is filled with stories, traditions, and historical marvels. This free tour is a must-visit for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Portuguese culture. So, whether you're a history buff, a culture enthusiast, or simply looking to explore Coimbra's charm, this tour promises an unforgettable experience. In Coimbra every corner of the city tells a story. You’ll be led by engaging expert local guides who love to share and show off Coimbra’s secret places and the best things to do to make your stay as memorable as possible. Duration: Approximately 2hr 30min Your Coimbra Free Walking Tour meets at São Sebastião Aqueduct. Look for our beautiful blue umbrella Coimbra Free Walking Tour: Heart of Portuguese Heritage Coimbra is a mesmerizing blend of culture, academia, and architectural grandeur. This ancient city was once the capital of Portugal and is filled with stories, traditions, and historical marvels. This city is a must-visit for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Portuguese culture. Coimbra boasts one of the oldest universities in Europe, established in 1290. This prestigious institution, a UNESCO World Heritage site, boasts the stunning Joanina Library, an exquisite example of Baroque architecture. Amazingly this library is home to a colony of bats. They guard the treasured books against damage by feasting on insects that would otherwise destroy them. The city's architectural showcases Roman, Gothic, Manueline, and Baroque influences. You’ll see this variety whey you visit The Old Cathedral of Coimbra (Sé Velha), the Santa Cruz Monastery, the university's Royal Palace, and numerous churches and university buildings. Coimbra also has its own flavor of Fado music distinct from its Lisbon counterpart. Coimbra's Fado is deeply intertwined with the university's student traditions and is often performed by male students in their traditional black robes. These robes are part of a rich tapestry of academic customs. Toward the end of the Coimbra Free Tour you’ll hear the tragic love story of Pedro and Inês, akin to Romeo and Juliet, is etched into Coimbra's history. The Quinta das Lágrimas, associated with their legend, adds a romantic and melancholic charm to the city's already enchanting atmosphere. Coimbra is a living museum of Portuguese history and culture. From its ancient university and architectural wonders to its rich musical traditions and captivating legends, Coimbra offers a cultural experience that is both profound and unforgettable. It's a city where the past and present merge, creating an atmosphere that is uniquely Portuguese.


  • São Sebastião Aqueduct

  • Botanical Garden 

  • Treason Arch 

  • Monumental Stairways

  • Statue of D. Dinis

  • Faculties of Mathematics and Humanities

  • University of Coimbra

  • The New Cathedral

  • The Old Cathedral

  • Tower of Anto

  • Back-breaking Ladder Street

  • Corpus Christi Street

  • Courtyard of the Inquisition 

  • Church of Santa Cruz

  • ...And much More!

Coimbra Free Tours

Other Information


Group Policy



Minimum number of participants.

Groups of 7 to 15 people are always welcome. In this case, we ask for a prepayment in cash of 10 euros per person (from 13 years old) and 5 euros per kid (6 to 12 years old) at the meeting point. Children under 6 years old are free of charge. This principle arises from the need to protect and value the level of quality and dedication that we demand from our Take Coimbra guides.
For group bookings of 16 or more people, contact us to arrange a private tour.


Please note that this Free Tour only takes place with a minimum of 4 adult participants.

How long does the Free Tour take?

In what language is the Free Tour?

The Free Tour lasts around 2h30. 


​The tour is exclusively in Spanish.​

What's included in the tour?

What's not included in the tour?

The tour includes a local Spanish-speaking guide expert in our history and ready to give you great tips to make your stay in Coimbra unforgettable.


The tour does not include transportation, entrance to monuments or meals.

How do I book the Free Tour?

You can book your Free Tour by clicking the Book Now button on this page, then choose the date and complete the booking form. You will receive your confirmation immediately. If you have any difficulties please contact us by email, phone or Whatsapp: | +351 914 059 080

Is booking mandatory?

​Booking is usually not mandatory you can just show up at our meeting point and join the Free Tour. Although it is recommended especially during public holidays and festivities, at such dates you should book as soon as possible to guarantee availability.

How do I get my ticket?

​Once you book the Free Tour a Booking Confirmation is sent by email. If you do not receive the confirmation email check your spam or contact us.

You do not need to print the confirmation, you can present it to our team on your phone/tablet at the beginning of the Free Tour.

Is the Free Tour accessible?

No. This Free Tour is not recommended for people with reduced mobility.

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